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Here are the steps to get remote access working on ubuntu:

  • Go to rdesktop and download the latest stable:
  • Extract the files to a folder. Open a terminal, and go to the extracted folder. Do:
$ sudo apt-get install libgssglue-dev
$ ./configure --disable-smartcard
$ make
$ sudo cp rdesktop /usr/bin/rdesktop
  • Open your ~/.bashrc, insert this line at the very end:
alias uhnrdesktop='/usr/bin/rdesktop  -g 1200x900 -r clipboard:PRIMARYCLIPBOARD -r disk:root=/ -T MS-WINDOWS tsgateway.uhnresearch.ca'

Close that terminal.

So now, when you need to remote into uhn, go to http://www.uhnres.utoronto.ca/remote/rdpgateway.php.

Do the authentication steps, once it's accepted.

Open a new terminal

$ uhnrdesktop

And it should work.